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S. Jeong, J.J. Youn

Tongmyong University (KOREA, REPUBLIC OF)
It is said that quality of education can't surpass the quality of teacher. In other words, this means that teacher’s competences determine the quality of teaching. And needless to say, early childhood teacher’s role is important for children who will lead the society in the future. Accordingly, this study was carried out as basic research on the concept and image of ‘good teaching’ and quality of teacher. And study participants are Korean pre-service early childhood teachers who will become early childhood educators in the future. And it is intended to examine the perception of ‘good teaching’ in kindergarten and perception of what quality they should have as pre-service teacher. To this end, this study examined image of ‘good teaching’ according to pre-service early childhood teacher’s grade, gender, whether to have completed advanced courses in the Early Childhood Education and the differences of perception according to quality of teacher.
Study participants are a total of 65 pre-service early childhood teachers currently enrolled in the Early Childhood Education of a college which is situated in P city in South Korea. A survey was performed and a questionnaire was developed and constructed for this study.
According to the results of analysis, leading a class where children are motivated to actively participate, class where children’s opinion is sufficiently expressed, fun class like play, etc. were perceived to be ‘good teaching.’ And there were significant differences in their awareness according to the years in college which pre-service early childhood teachers were in and whether to have completed advanced courses in the Early Childhood Education.