R. Jarad1, R. Jain2, B. Sangavikar3, R. Shinde4, S. Alvi5

1Technical University of Madrid (SPAIN)
2Pad. Dr. D. Y. Patil Institute of Engineering and Technology (INDIA)
3University of Pune, Ganesh Khind, Pune (INDIA)
4Sinhgad Institute of Management, Pune (INDIA)
5All India Shri Shivaji Institute of Management, Pune (INDIA)
The education in India is there from ancient ages. It has gone through tremendous changes since then. The major change occurred during British rule cause of different pattern. Now India is following the same but the demand and supply of the students and seats are not matching. Students are not getting the course of their choice cause of heavy competition. The Population of India reached to 1.2 billion which is equilivant of the total population of USA, Brazil, Pakistan and Bangladesh and Indonesia. So Universities are not in a position to reach each and every student and conducting a single activity is a big event itself. For conducting a examination itself is a big challenge and later evaluation of paper takes months together.

A shortage of manpower in University and lack of Adoption of technology is a big hurdle for the universities in India. Now the best option nowdays is accepting a better technology for virtual college and examinations. This was proved successfully in USA and other countries and in India the distance learning programmes are becoming successful one. The best examples are of Yashawantrao Chavan Open University, Nashik, Symbosis University, Pune and many more. Therefore the Technology in Education will bring a drastic change in India.