R. Jantan

Sultan Idris Education University (MALAYSIA)
The main purpose of this study was to identify the relationship between job stress and job satisfaction among primary school teachers based on gender. The methodology of study was survey questionnaire. A total of 104 teachers consisted of 22 male and 82 female teachers were chosen as respondent. Data were analyzed using inferential statistics such as t-test and correlation. The study found that the level of stress and job satisfaction among teachers was at a moderate level. Based on the t-test, the stress level for male and female teachers showed no significant difference at the 95% confidence level. The level of job satisfaction among male and female teachers also showed no significant difference at the 95% confidence level. Result of correlation showed that job stress was positively and moderately correlated with job satisfaction. In conclusion, teachers in the area experience job stress but at a moderate level, and similarly job satisfaction was also at moderate level. Recommendations for school administrators, among others, are to create a harmonious atmosphere in the schools, a fair workload distribution, and fair promotion opportunities among teachers and organize programs for stress management.