R. Jantan

Sultan Idris Teaching University (MALAYSIA)
According to the 2020 vision, the government hopes that all of Malaysian citizen will be able to enhance their lifestyle qualities by enhancing their knowledge towards the development first class minds including the aborigines in our country. Mastery of reading among the children’s plays an important role as this is their first step towards developing their knowledge, this is because when they can read, they can understand and read every sentence that are shown to them. Accordingly the information transfer will be much faster. It is the vision and mission of the year 2020 to produce a citizen that is knowledgeable, communicative competence and self control. Realization to this matter, the Ministry of Education have launched “Education Development Master Plan” (PIPP) that is to strengthens the education in all level including the primary level in the efforts of producing human capitals that is competitive in the labour market that are world class professionals. In the effort of helping the teachers imparting teaching and learning in the preschool and primary levels, there are many module on reading, writing and counting in the market. These developments have encouraged us to develop our knowledge but it needs a through observation and research as for its effectiveness. In this research, the writer have observed the pedagogic and ways that are going to be used by the Malay language teacher at the Pos Brooke Primary school in teaching the aborigines students on how to read. The researcher have introduced a reading module in collaboration with Professor Emeritus Dato’ Dr. Isahak Haron to the remedial students at that particular school. Through the discussions with the teachers and the observation on the students teaching and learning at the Pos Brooke Primary School have offer the researcher a new perspective on the way the aborigines students thinks and also the learning method that suits them. The research findings have shown important implication to the education administrator, teachers, parents, the government education institution, and the private education institution for the teacher training in enhancing the academic results for the aborigine’s students in primary schools.