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J. Jagiello

Middlesex University (UNITED KINGDOM)
Arts-based creativity has a role to play in education by enabling innovation to take place in the world of business. Research into the application of artistic practices and techniques drawn from the visual arts and performing arts shows they are particularly well-suited to releasing individual creativity. This is of fundamental importance to organisations who want individuals and teams to innovate their business processes to produce new products and services.

The research conducted draws upon a final year undergraduate module at Middlesex University Business School, London, UK, entitled ‘Facilitating Creativity in Business’ using the arts to encourage creative thinking leading to developing organisational brainstorming and problem-solving. And the analysis of the management elective, entitled ‘Developing Creativity in Business’ offered at the School of Business Administration, Portland State University, USA, delivered by Ellen West.

The paper will examine, through research both in UK and USA, how educational practices internationally utilise artistic techniques and processes to embed creativity right into the centre of innovation practice. This is crucial in establishing organisational innovation by the workforce as an integral part of the business culture rather than just an add-on process managed by consultants.