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L.M. Jadama, I.A. Touray, L. Fatajo

University of the Gambia (GAMBIA)
Schools in any country are a vital entity in its development. Therefore the negative effect of gender issues in schools may undermine the development of a nation. So, one should not turn a blind eye to schools for they contribute in designing the destiny of a nation.

There are numerous types of schools but in this study, we are limiting our research to conventional schools. They range from Nursery, Elementary, Secondary, Tertiary and Higher institutions. In our research, we have critically evaluated the trend in which schools perpetuate and enforce gender differences. In doing so, there are key areas where our focus is directed, and among them are: the curriculum, school management and the teaching and learning materials.

The following schools are used as sampling schools since most of the schools in the Gambia are identical in almost all aspects, Yunus English School, MingDaw Senior Secondary School and Mayork Senior Secondary School, all of which are in West Coast Region.