1 La Ribera Universitary Hospital (SPAIN)
2 Valencia Polytechnical University (SPAIN)
About this paper:
Appears in: EDULEARN11 Proceedings
Publication year: 2011
Pages: 3989-3992
ISBN: 978-84-615-0441-1
ISSN: 2340-1117
Conference name: 3rd International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies
Dates: 4-6 July, 2011
Location: Barcelona, Spain
La Ribera Universitary Hospital (HLR) is an accredited teaching hospital MIR / FIR since May 2004 incorporated the first residents. There are 13 accredited specialties.
For two years is to combine training with this group face elearning, with the aim of improving learning through the use of collaborative tools. Training should be integrated from the entrance of the residents in the organization through the collaboration of the directions of Human Resources and through Research and Teaching in setting an online course host for two months.
The platform was created to support online training is Campus Ribera (CR), an online learning platform based on Moodle. CR contains links to documents contained on the agenda or modules to assign the students work (forums, assignments, quizzes, wikis, etc.). defines Moodle as “a software package for producing Internet-based courses and web sites. It is a global development project designed to support a social constructionist framework of education”. Moodle has become very popular among educators around the world as a tool for creating online dynamic web sites for their students. Learning Management System (LMS) are platforms that pretend to create an environment improving communication, resources and services between users needs. Moodle is a LMS example.

Describe the use and satisfaction of online training for doctors and pharmacists who started specialized training as residents in the HLR in 2010.

Material and Methods
Retrospective observational study conducted in the HLR located in the town of Alzira, Valencia. The sample comprised a total of 17 students who did found the course "Introduction to the activity of care" for residents between May and June 2010.
To assess the use of the platform were recorded: the number of course views, the number of visits to resources and the number of shares held in the forums.
To determine the degree of satisfaction with the training participants were consulted about: Objectives and contents, Methodology, Teacher rating, Organization and Integration practice, and assessments allowed between 0 and 5 points.

The use of the platform was elevated among residents being the total number of course views of 982 records (average of 54.55 and standard deviation of 60.71). In relation to the number of visits to resources, there were a total of 289 (average of 20.64 and standard deviation of 16.06). Finally, the number of shares held in the forums by residents was 2244 (average of 124.67 and 116.46 deviation typical).
In analyzing student satisfaction with the activity, the high valuation of teachers (average of 4,25 points on 5), followed by the assessment of the methodology (3.89), objectives and content (3.88); practice inserting (3.73) and organization (3.63).

- Young adults have basic computer skills, which facilitates the educational use of social networking.
- Online learning adds value to formal training and education offers great opportunities as an efficient way of delivering course materials, the more independent and active learning, accessible from anywhere at any time.
e-learning, hospital education, health teaching, moodle.