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H. Hussain, R. Panjang Adni

Multimedia University (MALAYSIA)
Art and design students always found the learning mathematics is boring as not opposed to their mother tongue as creative and artistic person which don’t apply in their experiential mind. Thus, this study is looking at the problem to be addressed in the media atheistic and mapping with the mathematics as their daily problem to be solved. These remarks show that they believe the mathematical terminology, notation, principles, and methods are not related in their daily experiences during the art and design classes. Therefore, the need to change the syllabus in the mathematics is crucial as to engage the students in learning and studying the concepts of numbers, space, functions and other topics covered in mathematics courses. As such, the development of this mathematics curriculum should be de-signed in a way that can be understood by all students in the foundation study even with very minimal knowledge and ability in acquiring and un-derstanding the mathematical concepts.