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H. Hussain

Multimedia University (MALAYSIA)
Games community has been tremendous increased as the technology increased but the idea of the development in new game has not been overwhelming by most of the society. In the creation of new game especially focused on the content, game designer needs to have the visualization tools to deliver the idea in effective methods where not only one person know ‘what it is’ but the whole involved in that particular project. Thus, in describing the elements of the game including the gameplay components and not to left out the game usability components, the game designer preferred to use visualization tools in handling their ideas.

The issue arises from the fact that in the development of the creation and ideation in creating game has been experimented by game designers, for example, in game development, concept map can be used to increase the level of creativity of the game; it may also be used to reduce it specially if the game has been too much component and usability which cannot be developed in the time frame as required by most of the game publishers.

Therefore the use of concept map has been studied in creating idea on games genre in organizing their knowledge in game creation. Through the specific theme as a bench marking in creating ideas, the conceptual approach in generating idea for game designer needs to be enhanced by using visualization tools to capture the knowledge on the specific content.

This paper will look into the concept map as the visualization tools for the game designer to create ideas for their game development. Furthermore, the use of the concept map also has been introduced to the game design students in their Game Foundation course as one of the approaches in using visualization tools as supporting development tools for game designers.