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V. Huse1, M. McAnally1, S. Bauer2

2Ursuline Academy (UNITED STATES)
With funding from the U.S. Department of Education and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, a "Casting for Knowledge" project was implemented. Training focused on 100 middle school mathematics teachers from the North East Texas area. These teachers received training using a variety of tools to create podcast, screencast, and vodcast. Project participants created many mathematical podcasts which will be shared during the presentation. The presentation will also demonstrate Camtastia, Snag-it, and other tools for creating simple podcasts. Podcasts can be used in traditional classrooms, as well as, to reinforce in-class learning though online support. They allow students and parents to review material that is being taught in the classroom and they can allow students to expand their learning beyond the classroom instruction. The youth of tomorrow expect to be the master of their own learning. With podcasting, students have the right to choose educational activities at their own pace, at their own time, and at their own location. With the use of educational podcasts, students can be view material via computer, portable MP3, or smart phone device. Handouts available online will be provided.