S. Hrehová, M. Trojanová, J. Husár, L. Knapčíková

Technical University of Košice, Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies with the Seat in Prešov (SLOVAKIA)
The use of virtual respectively augmented reality in education has a growing trend. Most such applications are focused on the connection of a 2D model and the representation of the corresponding 3D model. When using the application, students can see the real shape of the object, which they can also manipulate in a certain way. The combination of this technology with teaching content thus creates a new type of application and increases the efficiency and attractiveness of teaching and learning. In the presented article, however, we want to focus on the possibility of using augmented reality in the field of teaching informatics, respectively teaching application software. The aim will be to use the combination of Unity and Vuforia software environment to create an application which, based on appropriately selected markers, will bring students a text part, the procedure for solving a task in the taught software environment, and assignment of individual tasks with their solutions. Based on the created application, the student will be able to repeat the procedure with the solution at any time via their mobile phone. We assume the placement of individual markers in the Moodle environment, where the student can find them at any time after logging in.