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S. Hrehova, M. Trojanová, J. Husár, L. Knapčíková

Technical University of Košice, Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies with the Seat in Prešov (SLOVAKIA)
Implementing the principles of Industry 4.0 in practice means above all the growth and importance of data. Everywhere we look, data is everywhere in all shapes and sizes and is still uncontrollable. However, the company is much more aware of their importance and potential and it is therefore looking for workers capable of processing this data. The question is whether the field of education is ready for this. Do we have enough graduates able to perform at least basic analyzes of data sets in practice? Recent information from labor markets suggests a shortcoming. Technical universities can increase the proportion of staff able to perform data processing and analysis tasks. However, it is necessary to include, respectively extend in the curricula subjects that bring basic knowledge of data set. The paper briefly describes the division of individual positions related to data analysis and skills and knowledge requirements. It focuses on the analysis of requirements for positions that would be suitable for graduates of non-informatics departments of technically oriented universities and compares the requirements of these job positions with the current content of selected study plans.