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S. Hrehová, M. Trojanová, L. Knapčíková, J. Husár

Technical University of Košice, Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies with the Seat in Prešov (SLOVAKIA)
At present, there is no country that is not forced to consider common practices and methods in the field of education. The reason is, of course, the global pandemic Covid19. During this period, education was carried out only via the Internet, which meant a completely new approach for many teachers. In order to continue to connect with their students, they have had to learn various computer application software very quickly, which allowed them to pass on knowledge to students. Several subjects in the field of technical education, which are mostly presented on a theoretical level, usually do not require major changes in the approach to knowledge transfer. Worse, however, are the subjects that require the active participation and feedback of students. These include e.g. mathematics, physics but mainly teaching various simulation software programs.
The present paper will describe the experience with the use of selected application software, which allows the online creation of online "meetings". Based on these experiences and the experience of students, the ambition is to find the optimal regime that would be suitable for both parties involved. It can be said at the outset that preparing for such a lesson requires a completely different approach as if the students were physically present.