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S. Hrehova, J. Husár

Faculty of manufacturing technologies with seat in Presov, Technical university of Kosice (SLOVAKIA)
Within higher education, traditional methods are mostly used in the field of teaching management. Although many aspects of lecturing have changed in the last few decades, this form of teaching is still actively used. However, various studies on education suggest that the typical range of students' attention is approximately 15 to 20 minutes. The lectures become less attractive and even boring for students after 20 minutes. The basic form of most lectures is their processing using the Power Point application, and even if several animation tools are applied, students lose the motivation to perceive the transmitted information after a certain time. Therefore, it is important that the teachers use the available information technologies and the potential of social networks to increase attention of students and try to prepare a lecture so that it will be interesting and engaging for students. One possible way could be using game elements. Gamification is a growing trend in education due to its impact on student education. Gaming technologies are effectively used as educational tools to improve problems in maintaining, engaging, motivating and solving problems.

The presented paper will describe the possibilities of using video recordings and the application environment to create a Kahoot quiz in the field of teaching subjects in the field of management.