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S. Hrehová, A. Vagaská

Technical University of Košice, Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies (SLOVAKIA)
Data. The phenomenon of the present. The development of information technology and technology for data collection is very fast. We have the ability to obtain large volumes of data, but their processing is demanding. The basic prerequisite for the analysis of the obtained data is their visualization and evaluation. How do we make this data available to users so that they can process this data? For this purpose, specialized software is available and many information companies are working on their development. However, there is a question of their availability, cost and suitability for the required analyses. In order to obtain the desired results, it is sometimes also possible to use common application software. The condition is to create a user interface for the end user to be able to perform the required tasks.

The paper analyses the ability of the MS Excel table editor to perform the tasks resulting from the processing of large data volumes. Based on this analysis, there is also a requirement for these tools to be included into the teaching process so that students are ready to design such interfaces for completing the required tasks after completing their studies.