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S. Hrehova, A. Vagaska

Technical University of Kosice, Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies (SLOVAKIA)
E-learning is a practical and comfortable form of getting information. This form is currently the most modern method of teaching using information technology. Students have the opportunity to gain knowledge not only during the lectures or seminars but they have the opportunity to access this information later as well. It is necessary to select the appropriate tools to do this information adequate. Computer models illustrate an event or describing selected properties and they are used mainly in technical education. By creating computer models we can give this information to students in the appropriate form. If we prepare text description, we will create complete documentation for the selected topic. In this paper will be described the possibilities of using the MS Excel and Matlab to create the computer models. These models will describe some characteristics of artificial muscles. To give this information to students we will use the learning management system Moddle.
keywords: model, excel, matlab.