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A. Hosseini, S. Moosavi Jashni

IKHIR Research Institute (IRAN)
Many psychologists have tried to study academic achievement in relation to personality, classroom climate and such like variables. But no study has been taken up to investigate the association of Personality Needs (with fifteen sub-variables: Achievement; Deference; Order; Exhibition; Autonomy; Affiliation; Interception; Succorance; Dominance; Abasement; Nurturance; Change; Endurance; Heterosexuality; Aggression) and University Environment (with five sub-variables: Normlessness; Need for Nurturance; Absences of Conformity; Adoption of Unfair Means and Morality), taken together, with academic achievement. It is also important to see whether these different variables are inter-correlated or not, and if they are correlated, how much do they contribute to academic achievement, individually and conjointly. The present study was an attempt to investigate these issues.

A total of 300 students (150 boys and 150 girls) constituted the sample of the study, all of whom were Iranian students from universities located in Tehran. The technique of stratified sampling was employed for the selection of the students from different disciplines (arts and science). The Edwards Personal Preference Schedule (EPPS) Revised Form and the University Environment Scale were used for the collection of the data. Multivariate analysis has been done with the help of step-wise multiple regression analysis to analyze the data.

The results of the present research indicate that personality needs (with fifteen sub-variables) and university environment (with five sub-variables) are significant predictors of academic achievement. The analysis of results further shows that the two independent variables conjointly account for higher variance of the dependent variable i.e. Academic Achievement than it can be accounted for by taking up each of them separately.

Discussion and Conclusion:
There are many variables that leave their impacts on the academic achievement of the university students. Broadly speaking, these variables may be divided into two categories: hereditary and acquired ones. Academic environment is where the personalities of the students are shaped. Hence adequate knowledge of the role of personality needs and the environment where they flourish as well as their relationship with academic achievement would help the educationists and planners in their professional endeavor.