A. Horno López

University of Granada, Faculty of Fine Arts (SPAIN)
It is well known that drawing is a creative way to describe the emotions directly and quickly, a true form of communication that allows physically turn ideas and feelings into something tangible and real. Thanks to its inherent ease to describe the emotions and personal experiences of the artist, the drawing is shown as the ideal graphic language to approach the personality and artistry of its creator. An important feature that added the requirement of the need to properly control the natural drawing in the fields of painting and sculpture, in order to be able to create artworks with appropriate academic quality, shows the importance of gaining a good training drawing and why this discipline is the basis of the contents of a large number of subjects in Fine Arts degree: Audiovisual, Digital Media, Illustration and Comic, Cartoon, Drawing Project, etc.

But even though the drawing is part of the creative process in almost all art forms −sketches for sculpture, lace for painting, audiovisual and animation storyboards−, today it is easy to appreciate a disincentive to this artistic discipline by students in the final year of the degree in Fine Arts. A lack of interest in drawing that was driven largely by a teaching program without innovative activities, which hardly differ from each other and therefore result in a serial process, mechanical drafting and quite tedious for the student. If all this is added also the practical absence on the subject in pre-university studies, it seems absolutely necessary a special care when setting schedules and practical exercises for specific areas drawing in Fine Arts.

In this article, we present a methodological strategy focusing on the discipline of design which incorporates a variety of practical activities mainly aimed to enhance creativity and artistic interest of the students. We can conclude that following a proper programming of practical exercises a positive attitude by the students is achieved.
keywords: art, education, drawing, .