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V. Hornáčková

University of Hradec Králové (CZECH REPUBLIC)
The paper points out at the current trends in education and management of kindergartens through activating methods and potential drama in education, which occurs during transformation of kindergartens in the Czech Republic. It analyses the differences of old and new paradigm in the concept of current principles and constructivism. It brings inspiration in the form of potential drama education and activating methods in education of kindergartens with the outreach of their management. It focuses on the research results which have been focused on finding the level of application of activating methods and means of drama education in pre-primary education in kindergartens. It tries to reflect the current status and appeals to the reserves in their application.

Qualitative comparative investigation is represented in the research, where content analysis and non-standardized questionnaire for teachers of kindergartens and leading educational workers have been used. Obtained data have been processed by using descriptive methods and correlations. The research results point out at the situation in kindergartens and at certain reserves in application of drama education methods and activating methods in pre-primary education and school management in the context of implementation of the changes.

The research survey has revealed significant results based on selected indicators and can be a challenge for the interest spread about activating methods of drama education as experimental learning in education of kindergartens. The interpretation of results might evoke professionals in pre-primary education for frequent application of these methods not only in kindergartens, but also in study programs of university preparation of teacher training in the field of pre-school pedagogy and management of kindergartens.