N. Hongkrailert1, K. Chancharoen2

1Mahidol University (THAILAND)
2Siam University (THAILAND)
This study is mixed method of qualitative and quantitative research.

The objectives are:
1) to encourage the people to understand the concept of Healthy Space Development and alignment networking mobilization for Healthy Space Development in Pasi Charoen District
2) to develop the communication model for urban community development with the application of communication concept, participatory concept and healthy space concept and
3) to propose the recommendation for appropriate communication guideline for healthy space development in urban community area.

The sample study consisted of 125 students who voluntarily participate in the project, the instruments used in the study including: a survey, focus group discussion, training and operations to produce engaging media. Data were analyzed by descriptive statistics and data content analysis.

The results are the following:
1) the total of sample study understood the Healthy Space Concept by have knowledge with correct the definition of healthy space and produced the effective media by 52.0% volunteer to produced a short film media, 42.0% produced a community album media, 2.4% produced a community media and 0.6% produced a mix media.

The communication model for urban community development consists of 6 steps:
1) creating a conceptual understanding of healthy space concept with 2 ways communication,
2) adopt modern media integration with the urban context and the interests of the target group,
3) demonstration and operation workshop,
4) media creation process with a character for an extended concepts works,
5) lessons learned with all the characters to build on the next step and
6) to honor and praise as a good model.

The recommendations for appropriate communication for healthy space development in urban community are: the development agencies should consider to the learning process resulting from voluntary, understanding of the concept of healthy space development, encourage inspire and hosted in the development process. Using modern media integrated with the context of the city. Find a community identity to create inspiration for producing community media and also, the communication learning process between the media sender and media receiver throughout the process will result to the concept of development extension and makes the target groups understand the content and media communication together.