N. Hongkrailert1, K. Chancharoen2

1ASEAN Institute for Health Development (THAILAND)
2SIAM University (THAILAND)
The purpose of the 'Health and Biological Sciences Research Database: Status and Development Survey Project' was to survey the situation and collect data as a foundation for a research database on food that will be useful for solving dietary problems. This study emphasizes in food safety based on data from the fields of biology and health. National Thai food issues can then be analyzed for options that might address those problems to give direction to future research and contribute to knowledge creation related to food.
The study methods used in this project combined both quantitative and qualitative methods. Qualitative methods analyzed national food issues and involved both study of existing data as well as interviews of 31 food experts. Quantitative data included collection of biographical data of 445 Nutritional Academicians.
The study determined that the nation faces three basic issues related to food, namely consumer-based problems, food production problems and lack of a process for the improvement of food-related agencies. Analysis of the knowledge gathered revealed that research is sorely lacking in the areas of policy, consumer and food producer behavior and production. Options for responding to this problem that are appropriate and sustainable include food education/promotion, awareness building, legal action and involving the media in behavioral change.
Based on the above findings, two recommendations are being made in this study. One is in the area of policy and the other is in the area of food research.