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J. Hong, H.D. Song

Chung-Ang University (KOREA, REPUBLIC OF)
Recently, most universities are providing diverse learning support programs in addition to formal curricular to achieve higher educational quality improvement. The main purpose of these extra-curricular programs is to support learning competencies and skills that student cannot obtain easily without these extra programs.

The purpose of this study is to show the current situation and needs about learning skill reinforcement program through the analysis of the Importance-Performance analysis(IPA) matrix, which uses the mean value of students’ perception about the importance and the performance of learning skills.

First of all, we categorize learning skills into time-management, note-taking, report writing, cooperative learning strategies, and so forth. we conducted an online survey of university students (N=13,027) enrolled in 2013 at South Korea universities.

The results of this survey are listed below. First, we can draw a IPA matrix using means of importance(M = 4.01, SD = .75) and performance(M =3.40, SD = .76). the area of high-importance/high-performance is contained report writing, making presentation material, and cooperative learning strategies, This area means that “keep up the good work”. And the area of high-importance/low-performance is contained time-management and learning environment arrangement. This area means that “possible overkill”, so university need to focus on these learning skills. Second, through the perception gap by gender, cooperative learning strategies are more important to male student(high-importance/high-performance) than female student(low-importance/high-performance). Also, time-management and learning environment arrangement(high-importance/low-performance) does requires improvement both male and female student. Last, through the perception gap by major, time-management and learning environment arrangement(high-importance/low-performance) does require improvement all major. In addition to this result, natural science and medical science does requires for improvement of presentation speaking skill. Also art & physical major requires question & answer skill.

In general, university students have agreed on the need of improvement of time-management and learning environment arrangement regardless of their genders and majors. Thus, each university must prepare supporting programs as its priority in order to strengthen these learning skills. Furthermore, they need to development and implement of the learning support programs based on need analysis of major.