A. Homutova

South-Ural State University (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
The formation of phonological competence plays a great role in the development of foreign communicative competence as it deals with the consecutive and purposeful formation of the pronunciation bases of each type of speech activity. The author develops a system of exercises which helps to form phonological competence. The requirements of the system and the features of the exercises are given in the article. Three stages in the work of phonological competence formation are presented. The author adapts Bloom’s taxonomy to these three stages, thus creating three groups of exercises each of which corresponds to a specific stage of phonological competence formation and the methodological system of phonological competence formation is given in the article. The developed system of phonological competence teaching allows realizing the stage-approach to the formation of each phonological competence component in other types of speech activity: listening, reading, speaking and writing.