J. Hodanova

Faculty of Education of Palacky Univeristy Olomouc (CZECH REPUBLIC)
Mathematics as a school subject is not too popular with pupils and students, however, mathematics knowledge is used in everyday life as well as work activities. The teaching of mathematics is currently aimed at attracting students` attention to mathematics, changing the attitudes of students towards mathematics, and showing mathematics as an interesting and understandable science. We believe that math can be fun for both young students and adult learners. Therefore, our aim is to popularize science, research and mathematics at elementary and secondary schools. We search for and subsequently include in the teaching of mathematics interesting mathematical activity (activities). We gain pupils' and students` interest in mathematics by preparing math competitions, organizing fun events, and using various social puzzle games. Briefly, we show the pupils and the students math which they can love. If we want the school to prepare its pupils and students for life well, we simply have to teach mathematics so that the latter understand it and are able to use it in everyday life and practice.