L. Herout

Banking Institute Research Center (CZECH REPUBLIC)
The methods and organisational forms belong to principal didactic categories which generate preconditions for a successful course of tuition throughout all the levels of education. Considered that, within the field literature, it is possible to find different ways of classification of forms and methods of education.

The forms pose as a certain framework in which the educational processes take place, i.e. organisational activities of both the teacher and the students during the lessons. Organisational form also establishes the relationships between the student, the teacher and the content and means of the education. The teaching method is a system of teaching activities of a teacher and learning activities of the students which lead to achieving of given educational aims. The choice of a specific methods is influenced by many aspects. As examples of them, it is possible to mention the type and level of the school, the defined aims and tasks of the tuition, the content and the methods of the given field of study, learning capabilities of the students and their personal preconditions, organisational form and others.

Considering the complexity of educational processes and great number of factors and variables which influence them, it is not possible to establish one suitable and universal method for all the educational situations and application. The selection of the teaching method needs to be done sensibly and in accord with the specified aims, contents of education and its subject and within the selected form. In the pedagogical practice, it also does not happen that only one method would be applied but it is a combination of more methods which provide optimal mastering of the contents and fulfilling the specified aims.

This paper deals with an overview of methods and forms used in university education in economy oriented study programmes in the Czech Republic. Its aim is not only to provide its overview but also to direct of the attention of the academicians towards these key elements of the education which influence the quality and successfulness of university education. The basic research tool is a questionnaire which queries more than 400 respondents (economy oriented university students) about the methods and forms used during the lessons they participated in throughout the academic year 2014/2015.