The "Parametric Trusses" application performs the analysis of the influence of multiple factors on the structural behavior of a variety of flat trusses.

As it works on most android devices and it doesn’t require an internet connection, it can be used as visual support in courses related to structural design in Civil Engineering or Architecture studies.

Trusses are not defined by the coordinates of its nodes and connectivity of bars, but by global geometric parameters. This allows students to vary any of these parameters and see immediately the resulting effect with no need of computers or specific software. The properties of sections and materials, supports and loads are also parameterized.

When the student changes the value of any parameter the truss is updated and the system automatically recalculates and dynamically presents the results. This enables the optimization of structural design, determining the values that produce minimum forces, stresses, deflections and self-weight of the structure.

The software not only shows on screen information, it can also export the results of the current analysis at any time, in two possible file types: graphics generation in DXF format and a complete structural analysis document of the truss, in TXT format.

The app can be downloaded for free from Google Play.