Interactivity between teacher and students is a very important component of teaching and learning and is considered a key to success in traditional classrooms (Draper, 2004).
Considering this statement and the provisions of the European Higher Education Area (Mayor, 2003) on the importance of active learning methods, we decided to introduce the use of an electronic voting system (EduClick®) in order to increase the degree of interaction between teacher and students during the development of a clinical seminar in a course of the Bachelor of Pediatry at the University Miguel Hernández. The seminar is mandatory and is carried out in groups of 10 people. All enrolled students (n=60) have used the system personally and without influence in their final grade assessment.
The aim of this study was to determine the degree of satisfaction and the effect on classroom interaction of EduClick® system users.

For the data collection we have used a questionnaire administered electronically, and which consists of 15 items, taken from instruments used by other authors (Siau et al., 2006; Beekes, 2006). In this questionnaire, 11 items had a Likert responses (1 strongly disagree - 5 strongly agree) on the effects of using EduClick® system on attention and motivation in the classroom or aspects of use, and 4 of them admit an open answer, referring to the advantages and disadvantages perceived by students and suggestions for improvement. The questionnaire was administered electronically and anonymously after the seminar.

The questionnaire was completed by 48 students. The 85.7% stated that the system was easy to use and familiar.
The vast majority of students (90.4%) who completed the survey claims to have enjoyed more in class with the use of the electronic voting system, and they are agree (33.3%) or strongly agree (52.4%) that the use of this system increased their attention during the class. The system has helped to 71.4% of them to stay attentive during the session.
On the other hand, the fact of having to vote for an answer on each slide increases the interest of the audience and so was stayed by the 76.2% of participants.
As to whether they would have preferred that the exercise was a measurable component of the course, opinion was divided, as the 52.3% did not agree with this idea, compared with the 28.5% who think it would be appropriate.
A 52.7% voted response options seriously although the exercise was not evaluated, although 33.3% would have thought more about their response in case of being an activity that counts towards the final grade. Finally, 90% say that they were having fun at the seminar using EduClick® electronic voting system.

The use of the EduClick® system has had a positive effect on students who attended the seminar to increase their focus and motivation during class and the discussion of the results for each question, and therefore the participation. On the other hand, it was considered a fun and entertaining strategy for the seminar that increases the interaction in classroom.