E. Hernández Luque, F.A. Ciudad Ricardo, M.A. Hernandez de la Rosa

University of Information Science (CUBA)
The process of new knowledge generation is being carried out in the software development organizations. This process produces, manages and transfers knowledge and experience acquired from the software development process. Knowledge management has evolved rapidly in recent years, and if it is managed efficiently, it will ensure a product with quality and social usefulness. Taking that into account, the main goal of this paper is to share a strategy supported by technologies for the knowledge management inside an industrial software development project. This strategy will contribute to the development and continuous learning of individuals and to the creation of a favourable environment for the exchange, storage and management of information and knowledge in the software development process. Methodologically, some indicators were assumed in order to evaluate the contribution made by the strategy, and the experts’ evaluation method was also used, as well as to assess the theoretical-methodological conception and verify the proposal practical use. The practical contribution of the proposal is based on the identification of activities to strengthen the exchanges of knowledge to enable its socialization, the identification of the trained personnel, the maximizing of resources and available means, as well as the minimizing of time loss and the effectively use of information for decision making.