University tutorials enhance the quality of teaching and learning in higher education. The aim of this paper is to ascertain and analyse the use made of teaching tutorials from the perspective of 273 students enrolled on the Teacher Training Degree for Preschool and Primary Education. To this end, the participants were given a Likert-type questionnaire regarding the use of face-to-face and virtual tutorials. The results show that they tend to use virtual tutorials more often than face-to-face ones, chiefly to submit work and seek answers to any academic questions they might have, in this latter case more commonly through face-to-face tutorials. However, students evaluate face-to-face tutorials more positively, considering that teachers show greater interest and use more appropriate strategies. Given the increasing demand for and use of virtual tutorials, but the recognition that face-to-face tutorials are better in terms of the way teachers deliver them, the conclusion is drawn that specific teacher training is required, aimed at providing teachers with tools that will help them to improve their planning of virtual tutorials and use appropriate strategies to improve them.