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G. Helguero-Balcells

Broward College/Florida Atlantic University/Nova Southeastern University (UNITED STATES)
This project was initiated as a direct result of three factors: 1) teacher education programs do not provide a methods course in the area of teaching literature; 2) techniques being employed, in the classrooms, have the tendency to follow the classical model with very little, if any, globalization/internationalization introduced; 3) technology should be integrated in the on ground course as it is utilized in the virtual classroom; in doing so it augments the experience and enriches the study of literature threefold. In this globalized and technological society it is of the utter most importance that new methodology be incorporated in the literature courses. Literature methodology is an area that has been ignored in the teacher education arena. This project is focused on how to bring about an innovative manner to incorporate cross discipline, global, and the literary piece(s) that are being taught. What educators must come to terms with today is that learners are limited to what is within their realm of knowledge in regards to their societal mores and cannot imagine life in another era. It is for this reason that other methodologies must be implemented to inculcate the inquisitiveness of the learners in regards to the time period of the work being studied. Techniques that are used in second language acquisition can be transposed to literary analysis. This project is to bridge the gaps of the three factors mentions previously with techniques that can be implemented in any literature course.