M. Harutunian, I. Brandes, B. Brandolin, A. Daoud

New York University College of Dentistry (UNITED STATES)
Our students are our future dentists therefore we have an obligation to teach them how to intertwine the most advanced and innovative technology available in their day to day patient interaction.Our students mission is to improve patient quality of care.To be a student leader in using advanced technology is a rewarding fact for their patients, bringing student-patient interaction to a much higher level.

When we consider teaching our students to become fine future dental professionals we have to broaden their horizons in understanding the importance of combining the latest visual technology available with their clinical skills.Patients need to be communicated in the most effective way, clinical findings, alternative treatment plans as well as the outcome of the proposed and agreed upon treatment plan.Visualization with the aid of current state of the art technology available is key in student - patient communication.

Student interaction through clinical cases with the aid of visual technology provides the opportunity to minimize misinterpretations and maximize patient satisfaction in an informative and educated manner.

Digital Radiography, Intraoral Cameras, Digital Photography, Smile Simulation and Interactive Software Presentations are crucial tools students have available today to present educated information to their patients, thus aiding in patient better and faster understanding and acceptance of proposed treatments.The outcome is a win-win situation.

Our mission as dental educators is to provide our students with the tools necessary in order to better serve their current and future patients, with emphasis on improving their dental, oral and ultimately general health.

The ultimate goal our students need to achieve is to enter the work force as confident, proficient clinicians serving the dental needs with the highest level of education and professionalism.