P. Hajek

University of West Bohemia (CZECH REPUBLIC)
This contribution acquaints with a field of Geomatics as it is understood at University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Czech Republic. The article describes on one hand actions and events, which are kind of popular events for general public and intend to show the applications of Geomatics in the everyday life. On the other hand, the main part of this contribution, depicts educational events that enhance and extend the knowledge about this field among the students of different types of secondary schools. All these events are used within the teaching mainly of geographically oriented subjects in secondary schools as extensions and innovations of the regular tuition. During these events are explained bases of the field of geomatics, geoinformatics and especially geographical information systems and a practical example of tasks solvable through GIS is shown and practiced with the students. Some of these tasks and examples are listed in the end of this paper. The authors of the paper recognized that organizing such actions and events have improved the understanding of usefulness of geographical information among students. During these events students can better imagine how applications working with geographical information are sometimes crucial for a human life, e.g. in case of integrated civil protection systems.