M. Gutiérrez, S. Rubín

Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla (MEXICO)
In this research, we present the update of the program "Study Methods for the Development of Thinking and Language" for the online curricula. This research is product of the program evaluation and as a proposal in the curricular redesign of online degrees.

The study of this program reveals the situational context of writing with UPAEP students as well as the approach of the existence of a transversal subject which develop reading and writing skills. To argue the problematic of this context, we addressed data from PISA and EXCALE tests; in addition to present the skills demanded by the future employer in Bachelor's degree graduates, related to writing skills and analysis, synthesis, information management and decision-making abilities, among others.

The exposed content in this research considers the following methodology: a) the review of the background and the relevance of the creation of the subject-course in UPAEP, its methodology and the educational purposes of it, b) the curricular content of the program, c) the presentation of the field results which includes the evaluation of the subject to be updated made by coordinators and advisers of the online courses, students enrolled in these programs and graduate students and d) the design of the updated program, product of these results.

The research considers different kind of variables as the institutional philosophy, the features of the program (content, purpose, sequence of topics, times, balance between theory and practice, type of activities, transfer of learning process, support materials, current reference materials, skills development, role of the adviser, different type of evaluations) and the graduate profile (features, theoretical and practical aspects, developed skills and meaningful learning).

The results of the assessment mark guidelines for the curricula redesign of the course and also for the characteristics of its implementation in the Fall 2014 academic period.