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M. Guiza, R. Rivera, A.D. Martínez, W. Aguilar

Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (UNITED STATES)
At the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (UABC) in México a flipped learning experience took place with a group of students from a BA computer MIS (Management Information Systems Major) class. First students answered a questionnaire designed to explore about their podcast knowledge. As part of the case study, students from the class were invited by the teacher to organize themselves in small collaborative groups of up to four members. These teams were asked to do an outside class research on Distributed Data Base Systems. With the information gathered, all students were to performed a Podcast and present it before their classmates. All the teams did the same research for a 10 day time span. The objective of this experience was to positively influence the students’ learning about Distributed Data Bases, based on their research (flipped) and Podcast production to explain the topic. The research question for this project was: developing a podcast, as part of a flipped experience results on a positive effect on students learning? Post questionnaire were used for assessing the experience. As a result students developed well done Podcasts even though it was their first experience with them. Questionnaires answered showed their project participation helped them learn about the new topic in a more interesting and challenging way, while developing their creativity.