N. Guinot, L. Moliner

Universitat Jaume I (SPAIN)
This article is presented as an integrated project Service – Learning. The aim of this work is to prepare and provide information for proper job search. The service-learning is defined as an educational proposal that combined processes of learning and community service in one well-structured project in which participants formed to work on real needs of the environment with the aim of improving it. In this sense, our project proposes a perfectly activities planned and coordinated through which students and other project participants, who are none other than their own citizens, and learn being prepared for success in the job search process, a real social need and quite clear in the context of socio-economic crisis through the country. Planned activities range from the study and knowledge of web research work to a conference of experts in selection processes staff, to prepare a resume or preparing for a job interview. With them also preparing to face the mentioned research work process is also intended that all participants in the project develop competencies and skills fundamental to his/her life in society are such reflection, dialogue, interaction, empathy, responsibility , etc.. Will be the students themselves who, under the advice and guidance of teaching team, carried out the project, making it and adapting it to their identified needs and interests of their product analysis and reflection on social reality and taking responsibility over the project's success however, and above all, preparing for their inclusion in social life with democratic principles and values. The consequences of this type of project impact, not only which is obvious on the students themselves, but also on teachers, the focus of the study, the collaborating institutions and all participants in general to finally finished the benefit of society. The findings of the project, despite the limitations of the study, considered to be positive, as evidenced by the success of other projects Service - learning conducted worldwide. Furthermore, we expect the project must have raised such continuity in the future and also serve to other proposals to boost service-learning.