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Pages: 278-285
Publication year: 2012
ISBN: 978-84-616-0763-1
ISSN: 2340-1095

Conference name: 5th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation
Dates: 19-21 November, 2012
Location: Madrid, Spain


A. Guiberteau1, A. Hidalgo2, S. Tolosa2, M.L. Sánchez2, A. Muñoz2, E. Ojalvo2, J. Sansón2, J.C. Corchado2, C. Fernandez3, M. Donoso1, M.F. Alexandre3, A. Barroso3, P. Torres3, J.A. Serrano3, P. Godoy1, M.C. Hurtado1, M. Monge2, E. Martín-Tornero1, E. Román3, M. Gala1, E. Viñuelas3, A. Rodríguez-Cano3, M.P. Romero3, E. Bernalte1, C. Sosa3, E. Matamoros3, N. Mora1, M.I. Acedo1, T. Galeano1, M. Tirado3, A.M. Sánchez3, M. Martinez3, F. Rueda1, R. Palomo1

1Department of Analytical Chemistry. University of Extremadura (SPAIN)
2Department of Chemical Engineering and Physical Chemistry. University of Extremadura (SPAIN)
3Department of Organic and Inorganic Chemistry. University of Extremadura (SPAIN)
The international year of Chemistry (2011) should be the key point in a significant growth of the diffusion of chemistry to show society its importance, how it is necessary, which can provide, in order to put it in the appropriate place to be considered by the public.

Different activities have been carried out in almost all the science faculties of the Spanish Universities during 2011 to develop the interest in chemistry. Those activities also include the collaboration with teachers in levels before to the University.
The Faculty of Science of the University of Extremadura, as well as, in our case, a group of professors, PhD and PhD students are carrying out actions of divulgation of science including chemistry. The aim is to carry out chemical laboratory experiences for high-school students.

Experiences in the laboratory were structured in response to different levels of difficulty and looking those more attractive or those that could hit the students. Addressed aspects were related to spectroscopy, surface tension, oxidation, reduction, precipitation, acidity, chromatography, liquid – liquid distillation, etc.
The students worked in each activity in groups no larger than 4-5 students and they carried out the experience with the help of the instructor.

It is noticeable the great number of activities described in the literature, in the network, etc., for the diffusion of chemistry. However, a crucial aspect is the form in which those experiences are carried out, as well as the participation of the students is active and the goals such as awaken the interest in science in general and chemistry in particular are achieved. Another point is to involve the university community especially the youngest in the necessity to spread the knowledge and the interest in science.
We present a catalog of chemical experiences and a plan to be developed extensively to all the levels previous to the university, including primary school level.

Aknowledgement: To the University of Extremadura (Vicerrectorado Calidad e Infrastructura) for financial support project
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PY - 2012
Y1 - 19-21 November, 2012
CI - Madrid, Spain
JO - 5th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation
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SP - 278
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A. Guiberteau, A. Hidalgo, S. Tolosa, M.L. Sánchez, A. Muñoz, E. Ojalvo, J. Sansón, J.C. Corchado, C. Fernandez, M. Donoso, M.F. Alexandre, A. Barroso, P. Torres, J.A. Serrano, P. Godoy, M.C. Hurtado, M. Monge, E. Martín-Tornero, E. Román, M. Gala, E. Viñuelas, A. Rodríguez-Cano, M.P. Romero, E. Bernalte, C. Sosa, E. Matamoros, N. Mora, M.I. Acedo, T. Galeano, M. Tirado, A.M. Sánchez, M. Martinez, F. Rueda, R. Palomo (2012) THE IMPORTANCE OF THE CHEMISTRY IN OUR SOCIETY AND ITS DIFFUSION, ICERI2012 Proceedings, pp. 278-285.