N. Guerra-Quintana, J.J. González-Henríquez

University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (SPAIN)
The students' progress should be evaluated continuously which means that evaluation has to be completely integrated with the teaching and learning process. Between the wide range of tools and techniques available to carry out continuous evaluation, homework assignments during the term is one of the most commonly used. However, this method may result in further stress and work overload on teachers. Also, in order to prevent students copying in homework assignments, different students should get same questions whith different data. In this paper, an informatic procedure which avoids the problems outlined above (work overload on teachers and student copying) are presented. Several different computer programs, LaTeX, BLAT and R, has been combinated in this procedure which are presented step by step. One of the main features of this procedure is that it includes automatic correction. Finally, severals examples illustrating the procedure are given.