A. Grunewald Nichele, G. do Nascimento

Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Rio Grande do Sul (BRAZIL)
Animations and simulations can help understand abstract concepts involved in Chemistry. One of the possibilities with animations and simulations involves adopting Augmented Reality (AR), through which a virtual object is inserted into a real environment.
In this context, the present work aimed to look at how AR is being adopted in teaching chemistry, to understand Chemistry within the sphere of the microscopic universe. For this purpose, the softwares that provide life experiences with RA in the sphere of microscopic chemistry were identified, as well as the teaching and learning strategies used.

A survey of scientific articles was performed for this purpose in the Scielo and Scopus databases, comprising the period from 2000 to 2016. Thirty articles related to Chemistry were found, 7 of them involving AR and microscopic chemistry. Knowledge of AR softwares used and the strategy to teach and learn Chemistry utilizing them were acquired through documental analysis.

Based on this analysis the articles were classified into two categories related to microscopic chemistry:
(a) Animation softwares in AR;
(b) Simulation softwares in AR.

Five articles were assigned to category: (a) and 2 articles to category (b). The details of each of these articles with the software and teaching and learning strategy adopted will be presented in the final article.