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A. Grunewald Nichele1, E. Schlemmer2

1Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Rio Grande do Sul (BRAZIL)
The popularization of mobile devices like tablets and smartphones among students motivates us to develop a survey aiming to understand how mobile technologies can contribute to the processes of teaching and learning in Chemistry in mobile learning perspective and the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in pre-service teacher education. Some preliminary results of this survey cover knowledge of digital technology profile of some future Chemistry teachers [1] and the knowledge of some potential applications for tablets and smartphones for Chemistry Education [2]. A pedagogical practice was elaborated and developed from those preliminary results. This practice was offered in pre-service teacher education from the perspective of mobile learning and BYOD and it was attended by ten future Chemistry teachers (who used their personal mobile devices) and it lasted forty hours. In this paper we present some results of qualitative nature survey, aiming to identify the contributions of pedagogical practice for the naturalization of mobile technologies in the educational context as well as the contributions of pedagogical practice for Chemistry Education. Some results indicate the progress of naturalization in adopting mobile technologies in a broad way in these future teachers lives either in daily or educational activities. Those activities were increased and diversified with the support of mobile technologies. These technologies were recognized as an important element to instigate learning, either by providing access to information, specific experiences to the Chemistry area which as unreachable in the past, as well as to provide collaborative work, encourage autonomy and authorship.

[1] Grunewald Nichele, A.; Schlemmer, E. (2015). Digital Technological Profile of Future Brazilian Teachers. INTED2015 Proceedings, pp. 9-14.
[2] Grunewald Nichele, A.; Schlemmer, E. (2015). Mobile learning and Bring Your Own Device in Chemistry Teaching. INTED2015 Proceedings, pp. 3964-3969.