P. Grudzień-Dubiel

University of Warsaw (POLAND)
Undoubtedly, not only is e-learning a breakthrough solution in the field of education in general but also in language learning. E-learning having been on the market for a relatively long time, still remains new and innovative to some extent. Its popularity is overshadowed by uncertainty or on the other hand, by panoptic exhilaration. Therefore, a question arises whether there exists a demand for qualitative and quantitative comparison of e-learning English as a foreign language with traditional classroom learning. Is it possible to measure? The main aim of the project is to investigate the effectiveness of the didactic processes which involve distance learning as well as identifying which skills e-learning develops most extensively. The experiment attempts to uncover both strengths and weaknesses of on-line and classroom language learning from the point of view of a teacher and a student. The article will present the stage of planning and preparations for the project.