I. Grdzelidze, K. Sirbiladze, N. Alavidze

Akaki Tsereteli State University (GEORGIA)
Georgia joined the Bologna process in May 2005, expressing its desire to become a member of the European community and be able to exchange students as well as specialists within the united European space.

Student-centred learning, establishing the Quality Assurance service, refining the curricula and syllabi based on learning outcomes in the form of competencies, implementing ECTS system were the main principles we had to face to.

As a result we got Quality Assurance Service of Akaki Tsereteli State University which has to deal with quality assurance of the University, namely to plan and manage the process of
• preparing Bachelor, Master and Doctoral programs for accreditation;
• promoting the internal and external assessment of the programs;
• preparing annual self-assessment report to the National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement;
• promoting the integration of our University into international education space;
• improving the quality of teaching, learning, managing and research by doing lots of enquiries, analyzing the data and giving the correspondent recommendations;
• organizing trainings for personal and professional development of the University staff and trying to have contacts with other educational Institutions and stakeholders.

We do permanent interviewing of our students, staff members and the administration, as well as stakeholders, alumni in order to improve the quality of teaching, studying and research at the University.

7 years ago it seemed a dream. We would tell you how this dream has come true.