M.D. Grau1, I. Torra1, M. Sabata2, M. Jódar2

1Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (SPAIN)
2Institut Guillem de Berguedà (SPAIN)
The actions presented in this work forms part of an Erasmus+ project, ScienceGirls: Teenage girls as co-creators of science learning engagement, with 7 countries participants: England, Catalonia, Italy, Slovenia, Lithuania, Turkey and Greece. In these work the actions presented are concerning to girls from Catalonia during the first year of the project.

The ScienceGirls project aims to contribute to the Science Learning Innovation Agenda through practical experimentation in secondary school, and guided by Commission recommendation and by guidelines from leading science learning research communities. The project contributes to encouraging the wider participation of girls in STEM activities with a particular focus on Science. The project will engage the girls in 3 major challenges:
- How we feel Science
- Science in Real-Life
- Visions of Early Science Engagement

The Girls of Catalonia have participated in several activities in order to be leader (co-creation) of the proposals and to collaborate in engaging other young people, especially other girls in science and technology. This works describes four activities: participation in Youth Mobile (YoMo) 2017, participation in Knowledge Fair, and organisation of one Round Table with role-models and one Workshop Women in Engineering.

In YoMo Barcelona the girls did several activities with the attendants at the Congress and they participated in some. They could learn what’s behind the organization of such a big event. They prepare a small questionnaire for participants in order to know the interest of youth about science.

The Knowledge Fair is a two-day Science Communication Event at Catalonia, organized annually by the EXPLORATORI: Natural Resources. The specific goal related to the Knowledge Fair is to introduce to young people the most recent science and technology research projects held in the two universities, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) as well as in other research institutions. The event was designed to promote young people’s interest and attitudes in STEM subjects and careers, as well as society in general. This is achieved by encouraging the spirit of learning in the research context

The girls had their our stall in order to explain the project and show different experiments to visitors (900 youngsters).
The Round Table with the role-models who was led by the girls. They could get to know the three women’s personal experience in their science career.

The Workshop Women in Engineering was organised in order to present a study about registered women in the UPC School of Manresa in the last 10 years. Moreover, four former students explained their experiences as women in their engineering work and finally the ScienceGirls students talked about their job in the Science Girls project.