A. Grant

Drexel University (UNITED STATES)
While the continual emergence of new technologies offers online students and their instructors increased opportunities for engagement, many rely on the basic tools within their courses such as discussion boards, email and course-based messaging. This creates challenges for faculty and administrators seeking to not only retain current students, but also to recruit a new generation of learners to dynamic online learning environments.

Through this paper and presentation, the author will present good, better and best practices for increasing online student engagement. Drawing upon 15 years of online teaching and administration at both the K-12 and higher-ed levels, the paper/presentation will discuss the following concepts:
• Mastering the basics in online communication
• Creative teaching strategies for asynchronous discussions
• Techniques for delivering effective webinars
• Online tools for employing “just in time” instruction
• Systems for managing group projects
• Review of current tools for fostering engagement outside discussion boards
• A listing and discussion of outside resources at the national and international level.