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A. Grande1, V. Alonso1, D. Velasco1, I. Barba1, A. Cabeceira1, J. Represa1, L. Costilla1, J. Pereda2

1Universidad de Valladolid (SPAIN)
2Universidad de Cantabria (SPAIN)
Teaching and learning physics are both challenging tasks. Physics is typically considered a difficult subject for many students because it introduces many abstract and unfamiliar concepts. In addition, the required mathematical calculus often conceals the physical meaning from students.

In this work, we describe the development of a video collection of physics demonstrations. The videos are mainly intended for a first course on Physics in an Engineering or Physics degree. They cover different topics including Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Electromagnetics and Optics among others. The aim of these video experiments is to enhance and to facilitate the learning process, providing physical insights into different phenomena. These videos can also be used as a tool to aid in classroom teaching, enhancing understanding of scientific ideas and helping to maintain students’ interest on the subject.

Finally, with the developed videos we have created a YouTube channel. The goal of this YouTube channel is to openly share high-quality material to aid students, educators, and individual learners, contributing to promote the free dissemination of knowledge on the web.