M. Gonzalvo-Cirac

Universitat Rovira i Virgili (SPAIN)
This research describes and analyses an innovative technological approach in research.
Since the beginning of the twenty-first century quality assessments of researchers CVs have become necessary. We have created a consulting area to help researchers in these efforts and offer a new vision to the researcher: personalized assistance with managing their own research: “sexenios”- an official recognition of research carried out during six years, accreditation, research periods, projects. This is important for the quality of researchers and their research:

We offer three new services for the researcher, but the first one, which involvesmeasuring the quality of research, is one of the most important and difficult variables in the current scientific community. We aim to provide a personalized assessment tool so that researchers, teachers and academics can continue carrying out research and responding to the current requirements regarding quality. We provide advising and assistance in order to carry out both rapidly and efficiently the procedures necessary to obtain accreditation and “sexenios” (an official recognition of research carried out during six years).

The proposal has been well received. It helps researchers and we have achieved 100% of accreditations and “sexenios”.