L.M. González Ruiz1, A. Montoyo Guijarro2

1Universidad Agraria de la Habana (CUBA)
2Universidad de Alicante (SPAIN)
In recent years, researchers and specialists from both educational and technological areas have been committed to the development of strategies to improve the quality of education, based on the capabilities and facilities offered by current technologies. In the field of teaching-learning, an aspect of importance for the present is the need to improve the way of gaining knowledge and learning in education, for which the use of learning strategies is a major advance in the teaching-learning process in institutions of higher education. This paper presents a proposal for the definition of learning strategies using learning objects to support the student in education. This consists to select a subject of a career for which you want to define a learning strategy. This will choose the FEDORA digital objects linked to the selected subject, with which it will determine the appropriate learning strategy for later use, which will satisfy a request made by a student to a particular question. This proposal has been made using domain ontologies, the morphological analyzer Freeling, the FEDORA digital object repository and the Active Directory server of the Agrarian University of Havana.