J. González-del-Río, O. Ampuero-Canellas, B. Jordá-Albiñana, J. Armijo

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (SPAIN)
This document refers to an experience obtained during the development of two courses related to brand design in order to evaluate initial level knowledge of students. After several years of teaching the subject, professors decided to precise in a countable and objective manner which perception their students have about brand design at the very beginning of the course.
A 20 items questionnaire was designed for this purpose and students had to value different logos related to the same attributes: colour, typography, symbol, association to brand, legibility, size, etc. To prepare the questionnaire, we considered educational experience during the previous years and chose the more important attributes for subject and logo design.
Knowing students level has its advantages. For example, it allows teachers to adapt methodology, theoretical contents and practical problems to student’s level that can be different each year. It also makes possible a more personalized knowledge of each student and improve the follow up and tutorials as well. Last, it reveals if any change in student’s knowledge has been produced.