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I. Gonzalez-Alvarez, M. González-Alvarez, M. Bermejo

Universidad Miguel Hernandez (SPAIN)
After 5 years of career in pharmacy, graduates leave college pretty clueless about their future career. The degree provides a broad education that enables graduates to choose from a wide range of possibilities.
The best known and associated career opportunity for these professionals is the regency of a pharmacy, or gainful employment there, where they make drugs, stored, dispensed and advice on them.
Other lesser-known career where they can develop their full potential are training as a pharmacist working in hospitals (FIR), to what is necessary to pass a test, or in companies and laboratories. Furthermore, the importance of quality food, has opened a number of outlets in these areas we will mention below.

Among the roles that emphasize:

University teaching, secondary, vocational and occupational training, specialized, etc. ..
Investment in R & D, pharmacology, toxicology, immunology.
Technical or commercial pharmaceutical industry.
Technical or commercial laboratories and dermocosmetología dermopharmacy.
Health visitors and pharmacists.
Marketing and sale of pharmaceutical products.
Production and quality control laboratories.
Analysis of drinking water.
Technical production and control of pesticides and pesticides, dietary products, food additives, chemicals, veterinary ...
Technical campaigns and environmental health, and prevention and / or health education.

In this study we attempted to assess the prospects and expectations that students have about his professional future after graduating.