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M. González-Alvarez, I. González-Alvarez, M. Bermejo

Universidad Miguel Hernandez (SPAIN)
One of the important issues on tests in science careers are misspellings. But keep in mind that there are common errors (such as forgetting an accent on one word after another well-written paragraph) or very serious errors. During the tests the teacher can read things as serious as 'hirritante' or 'baso' and many students do not know the meaning of basic words.

When students are faced with the white sheet, a pen or pencil and no correction of the software or the electronic dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy is where problems arise: many spelling mistakes and doubts about the meaning of some words. Teachers are conscients that these deficiencies are increasing. Possible explanations go through the use of computers, internet, mobile language, poor reading habits and deficiency in the formative stages previous.

Spelling is one aspect that students must consolidate their writings to express ideas correctly, to demonstrate their knowledge, to retrieve information, the school has the challenge of preparing students competent to face a changing world.

This paper has attempted to assess the spelling of last year pharmacy students and has tried to elucidate the reasons of the spelling mistakes
keywords: orthography.