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I. González Álvarez1, M. González Álvarez2, M. Bermejo1

1Universidad Miguel Hernandez (SPAIN)
2Universidad de Valencia (SPAIN)
The Bologna Plan has allowed a shared European higher education policy to be formed, with the collaboration of educators, students, experts and politicians from 46 countries over a 20 year period. It is the result of an extraordinary convergence effort that is turning Article 149 of the Constitutional Treaty of the European Community into a reality, which "will contribute to the development of a quality education system, promoting cooperation among Member States".

Opinion of students are also taken into account by the Bologna Plan. Student representatives may and must also participate in the Bologna sponsors group that exists in every country in order to collaborate with the institutions to disseminate information related to the European university convergence process. These groups comprise people whose activity is directly related to higher education and that have sufficient knowledge and experience to advise and collaborate with the institutions in implementing the priorities of this process.

Motivated students have participate actively in the convergence process but, what about the other students? This paper analyse the information of students about convergence process, new study plans, TICs, new degrees, ANECA, skills, master, movility….